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160gsm Uncoated One-Piece Mailers

160gsm uncoated one-piece mailers

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Finding best prices

Finding best prices

You've had a brilliant idea. Your customers are going to love it. You must tell them about it right now! So what do you do now? Well you could spend the next three days stuffing envelopes and licking stamps OR you could just make life easy for yourself and send Uncoated One-piece Mailers instead. Pre-printed with your postage paid details (call Royal Mail on 0845 795 0950 for more details) just stick on an address label and take it down the post office. There's not even any need for an envelope. Bags more time for you to spend on the important things in life.

We've introduced new formats to take advantage of Royal Mail's "Pricing in Proportion". Slim and C5 sizes fall into the cheapest postage category and C4 is classed as a "large letter".
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